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Schedule of Event: 20th Anniversary of 1988 Pro-democracy Uprising

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Below is the most up-to-date Schedule of Event for 20th Anniversary of 1988 Pro-democracy Uprising. All events on the list were sorted by time zones, and covered four continents (Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America), we hope that users will find it easy to use. We also attached the PDF version, please feel free to print and distribute it. There are 19 countries and 31 cities on the list as of this morning, and we hope you will find a city near where you live.

If you would like to add an event from your city or country to this list, or need to update information for your event, please email me directly. We are still seeking responsible individuals who would like to set up a solidarity rally in their city or country. Please let us know if you would like to hold a rally, a photo exhibition or any activity that you think will benefit Burma, we will support you with flyers, posters, slogans, etc.

Let us fulfill the wish of Burmese people. Help us in bring down the absolutism in Burma.

Thank you for your attention.

20th Anniversary of 1988 Pro-democracy Uprising
Schedule of Event

Wellington, New Zealand
August 8 6-18 Chinese Embassy Rally

Sydney, Australia
August 2 17-22 Ukrainian Hall 8-8-88 Commemoration; Phone: 02 9896 8966; Mobile: 0427 417 620

Canberra, Australia
August 8 SPDC Office Rally

Melbourne, Australia
August 9 13-16 Noble Park Community Centre Tribute to the Fallens

Perth, Australia
August 8 18-22 Australian Asian Association Hall (JACDB) PERTH Commemoration

Nagoya, Japan
August 3 15.30 Sakae Park Rally Aung Ko Ko Oo (+81-90-9173-1122)

Tokyo, Japan
August 2-3 Mt. Fuji Activists will climb this highest mountain in Japan for Burma Sayaka Miyazawa ( ; Mobile: +81-90-9340-4121; Office: +813-5312-4817)

August 4-5 International Conference on Global Support for Democratization in China and Asia For general press inquiries (English and Japanese) contact: Yuki Akimoto (BurmaInfo): +81-80-2006-0165 (mobile).

August 8 13.30 Gotanda Minami Park March to SPDC Office Joint Action Committee of the Burmese Community in Japan (+81-90-4964-9718)

August 9 Forum: Don't Forget 88 Sayaka Miyazawa ( ; Mobile: +81-90-9340-4121; Office: +813-5312-4817)

Seoul, South Korea
August 5 Publicity Campaign on Olympics Free Burma Campaign: Kim Kyoung
August 8 Rally; Press Conference

Manila, Philippines
July 16-August 2 At factories where we have unions as FBC-Phils members, and at schools where our members will set up their sign up booths with public exhibition Photo-petition sign up campaign for the "8888 Faces Calling for the Release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and All Political Prisoners in Burma" Visit .

August 3 Bike for Burma: Bikers travel around Metro Manila sporting Free Burma slogans Co-sponsored by Amnesty International Pilipinas.

August 3-7 Media activities FBC-Phils members doing the media rounds for TV, print and radio interviews; we will also try to get a house resolution at the Lower House of the Congress in support of Burma democratization.

August 8 Morning 1st Stop: Chinese Consulate; 2nd Stop: Royal Thai Embassy; 3rd Stop: SPDC Office Torch relay for Democracy and human rights in Burma. FBC-Phils members (about 80 people) will go around the Makati commercial district (on a motorcade) and hold short rallies in front of those offices.

Evening University campus Burma cultural solidarity night and candle lighting "Keep the fire Burning" - with a concert Open to public; Please visit for more information.
August 15 Mehan Garden public park Photo exhibition: Faces of 8888

Hong Kong, China
August 1-7 Monkok Pedestrian Zone, Charter Road Pedestrian Zone, Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier Photo exhibition Hong Kong Coalition for a Free Burma: Debby Chan
August 8 SPDC Office Rally: We Will Never Forget Hong Kong Coalition for a Free Burma: Bruce Van Voorhis

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
August 8 9 SPDC Office Rally Mohammad Sadek, (English) Tel: 0163094599; Aung Kyaw Moe, (Bahasa & Burmese) Tel: 0163502000
Vigil SUARAM and Burmese Refugees

Bangkok, Thailand
August 3 12-17 Thammasat University Seminar: The 2 Decades Overview on Changes in Burma and a Way Forward This seminar will be co-organized by TACDB and Thammasat University. Contact Khun Pam, TACDB at 089-699-6890 or email:
August 8 10-11 Chinese Embassy Rally
12-13 SPDC Office Rally

New Delhi, India
August 8 11-13 Photo Exhibition of 8888, Saffron Revolution (Sept 2007) & Cyclone Nargis Mr. Kim (9810476273); Ms. Achan (9868240809
14-18 Conference on "20 Years of People's Struggle in Burma and Beyond"
18.30 Indian Gate Candle light vigil
18.30-21 India Habitat Center Freedom Dinner

Colombo, Sri Lanka
August 8 12.30 SPDC Office Rally

Prague, Czech Republic
August 8 18 Velvet Revolution Memorial Candle light vigil: with the names of Burmese political prisoners Visit .

Vienna, Austria
August 4-7 Supporting Don’t Watch Campaign; and Burma Film Festival Austrian Burma Center

Lausanne, Switzerland
August 8 18-23 Fontaine du Musee Olympique Association Suisse-Birmanie;

Brussels, Belgium
August 8 11.15-12.15 EU Commission Rally Actions Birmanie
13-14.30 SPDC Office Rally
15-16.30 Chinese Embassy Rally

Paris, France
Chinese Embassy Joint Rally with Reporters Without Borders Info Birmanie

London, England
August 8 Morning A monument of glass by and dedicated to former prisoners, which will be unveiled by senior political figures Burma Campaign UK
Lunchtime SPDC Office Rally
Evening Exhibition
10-12 Chinese Embassy Rally Burma Democratic Concern, National League for Democracy (Liberated Area) UK, Women of Burma UK, Burmese Muslim Association UK
TBD TBD Freedom Dinner Global Justice Center

Edinburgh, Scotland
August 4-10 St John's Church Play: "The Burma Play: A Comedy of Terror" A hard-hitting new play on Burma at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - The acclaimed work, performed by the Northern International Theatre group. Cast members from The Burma Play will be forming part of the 8 August demonstration and Amnesty International is encouraging Festival-goers to take part in a piece of 'real-life theatre' by joining in with the highly colourful demonstration. The demo will involve a huge 30-metre-long saffron ribbon being held aloft, symbolising solidarity with Burmese monks and others who have protested for human rights in Burma.
August 8 12.30-13 City Chambers Rally. A special open-air performance of The Burma Play immediately after the protest. This is free but tickets must be reserved at Contact: John Watson: 0131 313 7012, 07818 453070,, Neil Durkin: 0131 313 7005, 07771 888826,

North America
New York, USA
August 8 8.8.8 UN Headquarters Ko Athein and Ko Zaw Min Htwe walked from Portland, Oregon to the United Nations (nearly 3,000 miles) to raise awareness of human rights violations in Burma.
12-14 SPDC Office Rally, Street Performance, Live music Shwe War (347.229.4309); Thelma (202.234.8022).
14.30-15 Chinese Embassy
15.15-19 UN Headquarters
19-22 Eli Klein Fine Art Freedom Dinner

Washington, D.C. , USA
July 24 12-15 Upper Senate Park Challenge China Rally with PEARL (People for Equality and Relief in Lanka) US Campaign for Burma

Chapel Hill, USA
August 2 12-15 University of North Carolina Speeches, Live music

Chicago, USA
August 7 16-18 Chinese Consulate Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Dallas, USA
August 8 19 Dallas City Hall Plaza

Los Angeles, USA
August 3 11 Buddhist monastery LA 88 Organizers
August 7 11.30-12.30 Chinese Consulate

San Francisco, USA
August 8 7.45-8.30 City Hall, Berkeley Burma Day Organized by San Francisco 8888 Action Committee: Burmese American Democratic Alliance, Burmese American Women's Alliance, Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Burmese Youth Association, Clear View Project, 8888 Generation Students (Exile), 650 756 5887
14-19 Union Square Burma Day rally
18-21 Frey Norris Gallery Freedom Dinner

Ottawa, Canada
August 8 SPDC Office, Chinese Embassy Proclamation of “Burma Day.” Hoisting the symbol of Burmese flag. Screening films. Photo exhibition. Production of CD album contributed by Canadian musicians. Contact CFOB office at 613-237-8056, or email at

Toronto, Canada
August 8 11-12 Ontario Legislative Building, Queen's Park Press Conference
12-13 Speeches at Queen's Park
13 Chinese Consulate March from Queen's Park
14 Chinese Consulate Photo exhibition, acts, speeches, Candle light vigil

Vancouver, Canada
August 8 18.30- 20.30 Vancouver Art Gallery Candle light vigil
August 9 10-18 Vancouver Art Gallery Human Rights Festival and March to Chinese Consulate from the Gallery Communities from Sudan, Tibet, and Zimbabwe will join the rally.
August 10 13-16 Oakridge Auditorium Photo and documentary show

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