Thursday, October 25, 2007


The Secretary-General’s Special Adviser for Myanmar, Ibrahim Gambari, has completed his meetings in Beijing, as part of his consultations in regional capitals. He had detailed and extensive discussions today with State Councilor Tang Jianxuan and Vice-Foreign Minister Wang Yi, as well as yesterday with Assistant Foreign Minister He Yafei.

Gambari delivered a personal message from the Secretary-General to State Councilor Tang, thanking the Chinese Government for its active support to the UN good offices so far and encouraging China to intensify its constructive engagement in support of UN efforts.

Gambari and his Chinese counterparts discussed the need for the Government of Myanmar to move forward by starting a dialogue with the opposition without delay and pursuing a more inclusive national reconciliation process in order to address the legitimate concerns of the Myanmar people, as well as the need for the international community to find new ways of encouraging Myanmar to make concrete progress in this regard.

Following the meetings, the Chinese Government issued a statement of support to the UN good offices and Gambari’s efforts on behalf of the Secretary-General.

Gambari is now in Tokyo where he is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda and Foreign Minister Masahiko Koumura.

Asked where Gambari will go after his Tokyo visit, the Spokeswoman recalled that what is being discussed with the authorities in Myanmar is when he can travel there. He is to return to Myanmar sometime in the first week of November, but the precise dates have not been set.

Gambari, she said, will probably travel to Singapore before going to Myanmar.

Montas added that the United Nations was trying to obtain more information about a reported meeting today between Aung San Suu Kyi and a government liaison before responding.

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