Thursday, October 25, 2007

Future Sino-Burma relation at risk

Thu 8 Feb 2007

It was not a surprise to Burmese democrats and the international community that China vetoed a US-drafted resolution calling on the Burmese regime to stop persecution in the country, killing the measure in the UN Security Council. This is what we were expecting from China, to use veto power in the UNSC. The fact of the matter is: we want the world and our future generation to know China’s stand on Burma’s conflict, as it is a Burmese historical record. First, China will have to pay a huge political price when building a relationship with Burma’s future generation. Secondly, we must make it clear to Beijing that China will be held accountable for its own motion.

Mizzima News: Future Sino-Burma relation at risk - Myat Soe

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