Saturday, December 15, 2007

Canada toughens sanctions on Burma

Canadian Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier

Canada toughens sanctions on Myanmar to punish its regime for not making reforms after the violent attack on pro democracy protestors.

"Despite repeated calls by the international community to return democracy to Burma, the Burmese regime has been completely unwilling to undertake genuine reform," said Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier, referring to Myanmar by its old name.

"We believe that sanctions are the means by which we can best exert pressure on the military junta," he added.

Based on sanctions there will be no more export from Canada to Myanmar except for humanitarian supplies.

There will be no more Canadian investment there and all assets related to the Myanmar government in Canada will be frozen.

The decision also bans any Burmese ships or planes from docking or landing in Canada.

"Canada urges others to undertake the strongest possible measures against Burma until the Burmese authorities implement genuine reform," Maxime stated.

In September, Myanmar's security forces savagely put out the peaceful protests by the country's Buddhist monks, leaving at least 13 dead and thousands in custody.

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