Monday, September 8, 2008

1st Anniversary of Burma Saffron Revolution

Prayer for Burma
By May Ng,

Do you recall the land of golden spires?
Where morning bells are answered with murmurs of saffron prayers
And the silence of bare feet echoing their innocence
In a land overwhelmed by evilness and greed

A message of hope for hearts in deepest despair
In a language of love for a people enduring only callousness and betrayal

As their Meta Sutra chants rose high up above
Reflecting in the stillness of their gaze
You can see great courage and dignity in the eyes of Burmese monks

I remember the summer a lifetime ago
When your soft hair was shaved and the first time you wore your
Thin-gann the novice monk's robe
And your beautiful boyish face was full of determination
With serene downcast eyes

After shedding Shinlaung's ceremonial finery
You remained a Buddhist monk
To devote your life to your people and your religion

I also remember the dark winter nights
When you stayed up late studying Buddha's scripture, poetry and politics
Looking to find answers for your people's suffering

Since last September
The war against evil has only just begun
And I know that you will fight on

I am quite sure that
Your prayer will be answered
Your hopes will come true
And your fight will be won

Not because
Your anger is fiercer
And your power mightier
Or their hatred more bitter

But because
Your cause is just
Your prayers are sincere
Your wishes are true
Your hopes are pure
And your love for Burma is right

You will win in the end

There is nothing to stop your spirit and your hope
No one can silence your prayers for peace and freedom in Burma

We shall never forget our monks who were at the forefront of our march for freedom

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