Monday, September 29, 2008

Students stage protest in Sittwe

Than Htike Oo
Monday, 29 September 2008 21:44

Chiang Mai – The local residents said that the students from Sittwe Technical College staged demonstration by marching in procession on Monday morning in protest of non-availability of school ferry.

About 250 Sittwe Technical College of Sittwe situated at Yechanpyin Ward, Rakhine State came back from school by marching in procession.

This opposition movement arisen from the region filled with opposition spirit and having high anti-government attitude, scared the authority.

"The school ferry followed the protesting students and met them at Bandoola junction, about 8 miles from their college, but the students refused to board the ferry and came back to their homes on foot", one of the demonstrators said.

This is the exam period and the students staged demonstration in protest of school authority's harsh treatment to them in dealing with them, he said.

Sittwe Technical College responded by phone, “Nothing happened, everything is over and OK", when contacted by Mizzima.

About 150 monks launched silent protest of marching in procession in Sittwe on Saturday morning marking the first anniversary of Saffron Revolution.

This demonstration erupted amid the tight security imposed in all major cities in Burma to prevent the fresh monks-led demonstration again.

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