Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bulgaria Imposes Restrictions against Burmese Junta

The Bulgarian government decided to impose restrictive measures against Myanmar (formerly called Burma) at its session on Wednesday by approving a respective decree of the EU Council.

The USA has also imposed similar sanctions against the Asian state. The measures have been adopted in the wake of the suppression of peaceful civic protests by the Burmese ruling military junta and the continuing human rights abuses.

Bulgarian cabinet's decision contains an update of the names of persons from the Burmese junta who are not allowed to enter Bulgaria and whose assets and funds would also be kept out of the country.

The ban for investments in Burmese state-owned enterprises owned or controlled by the regime or by people related to it is expanded.

Further restrictions are introduced with respect to the revenue sources for the Burmese regime. These include the export of machinery and equipment for the timber and timber-processing industry, the mining of metals and minerals, and of precious and semi-precious stones. The import of products from these activities is also prohibited.

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