Sunday, November 4, 2007

Building Sandcastles on a Stormy Beach

Dr. Sein Myint
Mizzima News (

November 2, 2007 – Building sand castles on beaches is a common pastime for children and adults alike. Usually they are built during calm and serene weather, sometimes at an exotic holiday resort but also at nearby seaside beaches. They are certainly not built in stormy weather when treacherous winds, waves and rain will destroy and demolish the fragile structures within minutes or seconds. Are we building another sandcastle on the stormy beach?......................

Unknown numbers of monks and civilians are still unaccounted for. Despite some recent releases, hundreds more are still languishing in prisons throughout the country. The crackdown on the streets of Burma has not yet drawn to a close. The prison walls are still echoing tormented sounds and cries of pain. Bereaved families are still searching for their loved ones.

(This article is devoted to the courageous individuals from Pakkoku who, by giving statements to a Radio Free Asia reporter about the military authority's brutalities against the monks there that ignited the September Saffron Revolution in Burma, now languish in prison)

Dr. Sein Myint serves as Director for Policy Development with Justice for Human Rights in Burma (JHB).

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