Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Burmese prominent student leader condemned the ASEAN's handling of military-ruled Burma.

A Burmese prominent student leader in exile who led the 1988 nationwide uprising condemned the ASEAN. He criticized the organization's handling of military-ruled Burma.

“Without tangible threats of actions by the world body and regional leaders, the Burmese regime will not change” said Ko Moe Thee Zun , a former student leader of Burma's 1988 uprising, and a prominent student leader in exile. He added, “We also believe that the "targeted sanctions" are working, and the Asean’s leaders must support.

“Pressure is only major factor to speed up its long-delayed roadmap, and dialogue without a time frame is meaningless. SPDC is notorious for dragging their feet. Even its own path to democracy is dragging for 19 years and counting,” he said at the public gathering meeting in LA.

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