Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dawn Political Discussion: The Probability of having Genuine Dialogue

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Topic: The Probability of having Genuine Dialogue

It doesn’t whether you are a pessimist or an optimist.

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Sample Question:

Pressure is one more factor to speed up the dialogue and equally negotiation between them. Is western economic sanction really effective to change the attitude of Gen than shwe and his ally? What about Tribunal Court? International Court of Justice? If they distract the path of dialogue, that would be only answer, i think. Which symbolic organization, person communicate with ethnic group? that issue is International concern especially regional countries.

13 November 2007 12:13

Sample Answer:
You can't enter into a dialogue with empty hands (pls read without tangible threats of actions that will hurt SPDC's elites and their immediate families and close associates). Hence, international actions must be in the pipeline, ready to implement once SPDC shows its insincerity. I also believe that the "targeted sanctions" are working.

Sample Answer:
Bringing these criminal generals to ICC/UN Tribunal (cooperation with our international allies) should be in the pipeline for immediate actions. Daw Suu could use this triumph card as an important bargaining chip.

Sample Answer:

Indeed. Dialogue without a time frame is meaningless. SPDC is notorious for dragging their feet. Even their own path to democracy is dragging for 19 years and counting. That is why, both Daw Suu ( in her statement ) and Mr. Gambari ( his retort to Kyaw Sann) explicitly stated dialogue/transition to democracy should be conducted within a reasonable time frame.

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