Thursday, November 8, 2007

OPINION: Give Myanmar a big taste of democracy

06 November, 2007

Indonesia, which was ruled by a military government for 32 years and transformed itself into the world’s third-largest democracy, wants to share its experiences with the military rulers of Myanmar, writes AMY CHEW TO the outside world, Myanmar's defiance defies logic.

In the face of international revulsion at the brutal crackdown on last month's peaceful protests by the country's Buddhist monks, the regime continues to detain thousands and hunt for dissidents.

In 1988, a large-scale student uprising was crushed with the same brutality.

The brutality, according to Indonesia's special envoy to Myanmar, retired Lt-Gen Agus Widjoyo, reflects the regime's "poverty of ideas" as three generations of military officers rise through the ranks without experiencing democracy or civilian rule.

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